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Ethnography: from the Greek – ethnos- meaning the elements of history, customs, habits, heritage, in one word -culture.

This is a vision which became a reality in the summer of 1958 when the founder and archaeologist George S Eliades opened the doors of his museum to the public.

The accumulated works on display amounted to a collection which had been gathered over a period of twenty years and during that time George Eliades started to form his dream to create a home in order to house the creations of folk artists.

His diligent archaeological studies had unearthed many local treasures and these were lovingly excavated then, carefully transported to await the day when they could be brought to life and so participate in the story of the Cypriot people’.

The collections are firmly anchored in Eliades profound enthusiasm coupled with the discipline of anthropology and his comprehensive study of the Cypriot people and their society.

Museums are not just about objects, they are about the cultures that produce them, and these collections provide an outstanding resource through which to understand and value a society and we are then able to explain it to others.

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